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Mechanical Advantage LLC is a solar-powered, CNC machine shop that provides small and large companies with product design, prototyping and manufacturing solutions.   Whether you need a single part, or thousands of parts, our team delivers quality results quickly.  We have decades of design and machining experience in the startup world and our team responds to tight schedules.  


At Mechanical Advantage LLC we have a wealth of expertise and a shop full of precision machines.  Since 2004 we've utilized both to provide quality parts and products to our customers.


Dave Cole is a physicist turned automechanic turned mechanical engineer (MSME, Purdue) in the aerospace and medical device fields, with a 15-year career in startups. A skilled CNC machinist and fabricator, Dave is also an inventor whose ideas and subsequent IP have changed development roadblocks into $50M in venture funding of devices for the treatment of vascular issues, heart surgery, sleep apnea and obesity. He has extensive experience in mechanism design and development, manufacturing processes and quality systems.

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Mechanical Engineer



"Dave Cole is one of those professionals who reminds you how productive collaboration can be when the players bring top-tier skill, competence and the ability to execute. What I value most about working with Dave goes past all that. In a way that few people are able, he checks his ego at the door, he listens, he pays attention to others’ insights and goals.  He’s perfectly comfortable with a clean-slate, and he will only apply his considerable expertise after he’s heard and understood everyone else at the table. If you were in a lifeboat at sea with this guy, he’d figure out how to make it faster and safer, where to point it, and give you a pretty good guess when you’d get to shore. Best of all, the trip would somehow be fun."

-Tom C.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave for over 10 years as a colleague, friend,

supervisor, and now as a client. At Barosense we collaborated closely to design and develop a reusable articulating stapler handle for use in bariatric procedures.

Dave has extensive knowledge of physics, mechanics, materials and design. With a passion for the highest quality, customer satisfaction, and on-time delivery, Mechanical Advantage LLC in Vermont is a reliable and cost effective source for my prototyping needs.

Currently, Dave and Mechanical Advantage have delivered numerous machined components, jigs and fixtures in a timely manner. Mechanical Advantage LLC is a company I can count on."

-Craig P.

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